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We bring You the Arctic Highlights
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Driving through the Arctic
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Where Europe ends and the endless begins
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Welcome to North Cape Tours. We deliver custom made and organized tours for individuals and groups. Our team is focused on delivering high quality journeys for you and your fellow travelers. We love working with people and showing our guests the spectacular nature of the Arctic. We offer tours with coaches of all sizes, with or without guiding. Our core values are simple: We love working with people. Our focus is to deliver comfortable and unique journeys for all our guests. Safety and quality of service is important to us. We are flexible and will do our utmost to deliver a tour that exceeds your expectations. We look forward to bringing you along, showing you the beauty of our part of the world.

Your experience matters

North Cape Tours is a high quality tour company in the northernmost area of Europe. We are a full service transportation provider managed and owned by professionals with over 15 years of experience within hospitality and transportation. Our mission is to provide you with the most comfortable, interesting and reliable journey possible. Our team is dedicated in offering more than just transportation. We have established a long list of customers who know they can rely on our services. We go the extra mile to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our tours and that your expectations are exceeded. We have a strong core belief that our customer is our partner in assuring that their experience is both seamless and enjoyable. We are committed to deliver the highest quality service in the travel industry. Safe and dependable transportation is paramount in our services and we always strive to make your journey better. We work hard to be the best choice, wether you need a quick and convenient transfer, or a insightful sightseeing in the North Cape area.


The story of life in the arctic is important. It provides insight and understanding of the people, history and nature in these lands. We offer storytelling in Norwegian, English or German, or a combination of several languages. Also Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish can be offered. Learn about wildlife, plants, the northern lights, history, fisheries, king crabs and everyday life in the arctic and much more - often with small anecdotes and fun facts as you travel along. We love this land, its history, nature and culture, and look forward to sharing it with you.

Safety first

Your safety and comfort are main priorities in our company. Our drivers and equipment follow the highest standard for safety in the travel industry. As a tour company we are certified for transportation by the Norwegian government, and follow and exceed all industry standards for safety and security. Most importantly, our drivers are highly experienced and know the local conditions, whether the roads are covered by snow or ice. All our vehicles are suited for transportation in the arctic and we take great pride in making your journey as enjoyable and interesting as possible.

Tours and sightseeing

We offer tours to companies, travellers, groups and individuals. Wherever you want to go we will bring you there. We run short trips for cruises, transfers, long daytrips and team based tours and sightseeings. Everyone is welcome to hire our services. We always adapt to our customers and put their comfort and safety first. You may choose between our existing tours, such as the North Cape Winter Tour, or contact us for your very own tailor made excursion. We have years of experience making sure that your tour will be the perfect visit to our destination.

High comfort

You may choose between full sized coaches from 45 to 62 seats or a minibus. We always work hard to offer the best possible service and tours. Our coaches are offered to both private and corporate clients, and we make sure to offer the best possible travel experience. Our range of coaches and buses are comfortable and environmentally friendly with air conditioning and good storage. Our drivers are service-minded and have years of experience behind the wheel. They will make sure your journey is safe and pleasant.

We bring you the highlights of the Arctic

Our tours bring you to the highlights of the Arctic. You get to experience beautiful scenery, quiet fishing villages, a unique coastal landscape and the very northernmost of Europe, the North Cape. You get to explore arctic towns and settlements, get up close to arctic wildlife and meet the locals. North Cape Tours is all about high quality transportation. Whether you travel alone, are a tour operator, a company planning a teambuilder tour or an extended family on vacation, we pride ourselves in providing you enjoyable, comfortable, safe, reliable and hassle-free service. Welcome to the highlights of the Arctic!