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Welcome to a safe and comfortable journey with North Cape Tours. Infection control is a very important part of our daily operations and is a priority on all our tours. We focus on a safe journey for all our guests and employees. Through extensive routines for cleaning and infection control on board our vehicles, you get a carefree journey with us.

Our routines - your safety

North Cape Tours has introduced hygiene measures in connection with Covid-19, and has strengthened cleaning in all vehicles. Cleaning takes place in accordance with guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of health (FHI) and local health authorities. These guidelines are checked regularly as they change along the way, depending on the infection situation. Before boarding, guests are asked if they have any symptoms. If symptoms are suspected, the guest is asked not to travel with us. We may encourage our guests to wear face masks in accordance with current infection control measures. In the event there are not masks available, we will distribute them to our guests. Guests must use our desinfection dispenser when boarding the vehicle and may use it when needed during the journey. Hand alcohol is easily available at all times in all our buses, in several places.

Multilingual information

Your safety takes precedence over everything else. On board the bus, you will find information of our current infection control measures. You will find the information in several places on the bus in several languages. Information is also illustrated figuratively so that it is easy to understand. Our drivers are multilingual, and today we are fluent in German, Dutch, Spanish, French and English. Of course, all drivers also speak Norwegian. Necessary information is also given verbally to our passengers.

Use of disinfectant

In our vehicles the seating is arranged for the least possible contact between driver and guests, as well as the greatest possible distance between guests. The drivers wear face masks on the bus and never drive on suspicion of illness. We offer contactless payment for guests, and provide for the use of disinfectant, and frequent cleaning of surfaces that are in use, e.g. armrests, handrails and handles.

Keep distance - and enjoy your journey

North Cape Tours is all about good experiences and transport of the highest quality. This means an infection-free journey. We therefore encourage passengers not travelling together to keep distance to each other. We provide buses of different sizes to give our guests plenty of space. The front seats are not in use to provide extra safety for our drivers. We encourage guests to sit at a distance from each other, and have several buses that have 57 seats or more available.

Practical measures

As a bus carrier and provider of tours and activities, we know that the risk of infection increases the closer you sit together. Therefore, our routines include the following measures: One meter distance between passengers throughout the journey. We scale up to larger vehicles when there are more passengers, thereby freeing up a minimum number of seating capacity in our vehicles. Passengers traveling together (in the same travel group) sit at a distance according to current rules. We make it easy for passengers to keep a good distance, and limit boarding without reservation of seats to avoid guests sitting too close. We do not allow standing places. Face masks might be required on the journey if distance can not be maintained. You will be informed of this in advance of your journey. We have strengthened cleaning and routines for handling waste, and especially used face masks. If rules for distance can not be complied with in the same vehicle, we insert additional vehicles. All vehicles have good ventilation, and we avoid recirculation of air.

Information for our travelers

Our guests receive current infection control measures in the form of posters, printed information on seats and oral information from our drivers. The information material is in several languages.

    - Do not travel if you are ill. If you are ill or suspect that you are ill, stay at home until free of symptoms related to covid-19.
    - Keep good cough hygiene. Avoid coughing and sneezing in the direction of fellow passengers. If you have to cough or sneeze, you should do this in a disposable handkerchief or in the elbow hook.
    - Good hand hygiene. Make sure you maintain good hand hygiene before, during and after the trip. Pay extra attention to this when you have been in direct contact with common contact points, such as handles, signal buttons, armrests, etc.
    - Proper use of face masks: Follow the advice on the correct use of face masks. Have hand sanitizer available if you use a face mask. After traveling, remove the handkerchief and throw it in a trash bin after leaving the vehicle.
    - Keep your distance. Try to keep a safe distance from other passengers, and avoid face-to-face contact.
    - Show consideration for other travelers. Be sure to show consideration for fellow passengers and other travelers.
    - If you have an increased risk of severe covid-19, you should avoid traveling.

Welcome to safe travelling in the Arctic!