The journey to the North Cape is one of the most popular excursions if you travel with Hurtigruten. The road goes through rugged scenery and offers breath taking views as you venture along. Reaching the northernmost of Europe is a highly satisfying experience, and the iconic globe at the Cape is the perfect place for a selfie. The nature is stunning and leaves room for a little contemplation. If you are a passenger with Hurtigruten we suggest you continue reading.

The journey to the North Cape goes through steep and winding roads, and offer spectacular views of fjords, plains and mountains. The public bus is a convenient and safe way to visit the northernmost of Europe.

It is important to prepare well when you journey into the arctic. Weather and road conditions may change on a short notice, especially in winter. We have prepared some practicial information for your visit.

Welcome to a safe and comfortable journey with North Cape Tours. Infection control is a very important part of our daily operations and is a priority on all our tours. We focus on a safe journey for all our guests and employees. Through extensive routines for cleaning and infection control on board our vehicles, you get a carefree journey with us.

The North Cape area is full of adventure all through the year. How about a snow mobile safari to the North Cape, or a visit to one of Europe's largest colonies of seabirds. We bring you to the highlights of the arctic!

Ready for the ultimate adventure? Visit us in the midst of winter!

In previous times the North Cape was a challenge to reach and often the  ultimate destination for expeditions. Today the North Cape has become a popular travel destination within easy reach. North Cape Tours brings you there to experience your very own modern day adventure!

..when you are stuck.

Travelling to the North Cape in winter often means dropping by Honningsvåg. If you go there with Hurtigruten you make a port of call in the very center of this lovely little arctic town before heading off to the North Cape itself.

The winter journey to the North Cape is an adventure by itself. The experience is quite exciting, even if you don't reach the plateau itself. The road is open to traffic all throughout the year, but in winter it is subject to convoy driving. All vehicles will join a convoy to reach the northernmost of Europe. The meeting point for the convoy is at a road junction, some 13 kilometres from the North Cape plateau.

The polar lights and the great shift between summer and winter has always drawn travellers to the north. Midnight sun, northern lights and the polar twilight - we invite you to join in on the great adventure.