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The journey to the North Cape is one of the most popular excursions if you travel with Hurtigruten. The road goes through rugged scenery and offers breath taking views as you venture along. Reaching the northernmost of Europe is a highly satisfying experience, and the iconic globe at the Cape is the perfect place for a selfie. The nature is stunning and leaves room for a little contemplation. If you are a passenger with Hurtigruten we suggest you continue reading.

There are many ways to reach the far north. You may walk, hike, bike or simply sign up for the North Cape Summer Tour. The tour brings you to the highlights of the arctic north, and the excursion is perfectly adjusted to Hurtigrutens time of arrival and departure. You get to experience reindeer, meet a Sami family and enjoy stunning views as you travel along. You also get to explore the North Cape Visitor Center, with its exhibitions, historical displays and panoramafilm. The tour corresponds with Hurtigruten and you are always guaranteed to be back in good time before your ships departure.

If you travel in winter we recommend the North Cape Winter Tour. This is an adventure through the arctic winter, bringing you safely to the northernmost of Europe. The tour always adjusts to the arrival time of Hurtigruten and will make sure you get the best possible experience. In the event your ship can't make a port of call, or the roads are closed, you will of course get a full refund. Safe, easy and convenient.

Regardless of which tour you choose you will find good value for your money. The tours are offered at a nice price and will by some be considered cheap for what you get. The entrance fee to the North Cape and its sights are of course included. Most importantly you get to meet arctic wildlife and the Sami family, to enjoy spectacular scenery and the iconic North Cape with all its attractions. We look forward to welcome you to our island and bring you to the Northernmost of continental Europe.

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